Sunday, August 03, 2008

Life Without Manny - Day 2

So the second game in the post Manny era has now been played and things continue to look good. J-Bay hit his first HR as a member of the Red Sox , a three run shot that contributed to a 12-2 drubbing of Oakland, and if Dice-K can stay on top of his game, a sweep this afternoon is possible. that would be extremely nice given that this is the first post manny series, the race for the wild card and the division is nip and tuck, and the A's swept the Sox the last time the 2 teams played. Meanwhile, the Twins lost so the Sox now trail the Rays by 3 (still), yet lead the Twins for the Wild card by 1 1/2 and the Yankees by 2 1/2. The Yanks look due for a loss today, with Rasner vs. lackey, so I hope for the quad: a Sox win, while the Yanks, Minn., and the Rays all lose!


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Da Old Man said...

I miss Manny being Manny. :(