Thursday, June 19, 2008

Todays I-Tunes Purchases (and why)

I purchased 4 songs today from the incredibly awesome I-tunes. (Incredibly Awesome? What am I, 12?)

Things Have Changed - Bob Dylan - I am not a huge Bob Dylan fan, but this song is easily one of my faves. I loved the way it's used in the very underrated film Wonder Boys. (Also great in that movie is the Neil Young song that goes "Old Man, take a look at my, I'm a lot like you were... " Not sure of the title, (hey, music isn't my forte, movies are) but the song is really poignant and it's placement in the flick is perfect.

Pulling Mussels From a Shell and Tempted by Squeeze - heard both of them on the radio today, and they have long been faves of mine whenever I am in a bar with a jukebox. Both are JukeBox staples and super fun songs. Tempted is self explanatory and Pulling Mussels is nonsensical but damned listenable.

Round and Round - Ratt - I'm a kid of the 80's, is there really any more explanation needed than that. I sure as hell don't need a whole Ratt album, but the single.. ah, now that is a piece of 80's heaven.


Anonymous said...

Dude, Woodman here. I am the biggest Apple fan(atic) there is, but next time, look at the Amazon MP3 Store. Two advantages: 1) Songs and albums may be a bit cheaper and 2) All music there is MP3 without digital rights protection (apple has this for some, but not all, of its content) - so you can transfer it and play it on any MP3 player. This will become more important as MP3 technology gets further integrated into home and car audio.

BTW, it's not Apple's fault they have this protection. They are required to by the music labels. And the music labels, I think, realized that was stupid and removed the restriction for Amazon and others. But they are keeping it on iTunes because they fear it's market power.

Da Old Man said...

I think I have that song on 8 track, if you need to borrow it.

savvy said...

I bet you do, Old man, and I bet there is a box full of 8 Tracks that the Crotchety Old Lady won't throw away until she has a chance to go thru them!