Sunday, June 15, 2008

Savvy's 37 favorite songs of all time

O.K., here goes. My favorite 37 songs of all time, in no order, with no real staying power, since I am doing this with a sort of free flowing thought process; creative spitballing, so to speak. This is off the top of my head, with referring to my CDS or my ITunes - basically selections unencumbered by too much processing. Inspired by the Jimi Hendrix CD I have currently playing, and the song off it which I love.

1. All Along The Watchtower - Jimi's version
2. Sympathy For the Devil - The Rolling Stones - one of my all time favorite stories within a song, and the line "Pontius Pilate washed his hands, sealed his fate" never fails to crank me up.

3. Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N Roses - I remember being a teenager in Sussex County and listening to the one good rock station we were able to get there, Z95 in Allentown PA. They started playing this song and no one had really heard of the band. I loved it, bought the tape. Soon after Sweet Child of Mine broke and the band was a household name.

4. Back in Black - Perfect, kick ass rock. Disclaimer: AC/DC is my favorite band ever.

5. Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel It is absolutely impossible for me to be in a bad mood when this comes on, no matter what is happening prior.

6. In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins - I know that Phil is pretty much a joke these days, but at one time his music was pretty cool. His early solo stuff is solemn and intense, and the use of this in one of the all time great 80's shows (Miami Vice) solidified this for me.

7. Loser - Beck - part of the college years, this goofy ode sounded unlike anything else I was listening to at the time. Funny, funky, and the use of sound clips from the previous pres. bush "I can feel it, I'm a winner" was great.

8. Highway to Hell - AC/DC - see Back in Black
9. Who Made Who - AC/DC - added bonus of being a theme song for a bad movie based on a Stephen King story. BTW, King, one of my favorite authors, is also a huge AC/DC fan.

10. Watching the Detectives - Elvis Costello - I really don't why I fell in love with this song, but after hearing it once it became one of my must plays on bar jukeboxes whenever I went out.

11. Sketches of Spain - Miles Davis - I can't pick a song for this, it has to be listened to as a complete CD. My first Miles Davis CD, and still one of my faves.

12. Plenty - Sarah McLachlan - File this under what my wife calls "whiny bitch music", I don't give a damn. This entire album is tremendous, and I used to listen to it so frequently I had to replace the CD.

13. Hurt - Johnny Cash - I also like the Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) version, but cash's version is heartbreaking. I first heard his take via trailers on tv for an upcoming season of The Shield, and couldn't get it out of my head.

14. Walking After Midnight - Patsy Cline - one of my wife's favorites, I've definitely become a big fan.

15. Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen - off of Born in the USA, which was HUGE when I was growing up, the themes of the song only began to resonate with me on an emotional level as I have gotten older. Aged like a fine wine, much like my next selections

16. Let It Grow - Eric Clapton

17. Stuck in the Middle With You - Steeler's Wheel - Tarantino is my favorite director, and after seeing Mike Madsen and slice off a cop's ear (!) this song is forever attached to that action for me. I like to think I did a fairly good recreation of Mr. Blonde's dance at my wedding.

18. Can't You Hear Me Knocking - The Rolling Stones - also part of movies, with Martin Scorseses' use of the Stones' songs in his films almost always perfect.

19. Enter Sandman - Metallica - I hate the Yankees, but the use of this song for the greatest reliever in MLB history, Mariano Rivera (no, not Billy Wagner, just ask Met's fans) as Mo trots out from the pen is electric.

20. Rain on the Scarecrow - John Mellencamp - might not have the name right, but I always loved this rocking tribute to the plight of the American Farmer.

Twenty seems like a good stopping point for now - check back tomorrow for the other 17.



Da Old Man said...

Hurt by Johnny Cash is so good. Patsy Cline is also great.

And I pretty much hate most country.

savvy said...

You are probably much like me. What passes for country these days are idiot "sheeple" like Tim McGraw or Toby Keith who strum guitars and talk about kickin ass of "those goddamned Iraaaqi's and them durned Dixie Bitches"... to me, real country is Johnny Cash, Patsy, Willie. Men and woman who have seen a thing or two, people who believe in American and their right.. hell, their responsibility, to share their gifts and bare their souls. Substance, my friend!

Da Old Man said...

True dat