Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Another 2 day check in...after a long f**king day!

So it's been a long freakin day. I didn't get home from work until 10, and the first thing I discovered was that there was little wine left. Maybe half a glass.... then I realized the ac upstairs wasn't on..... but you know what, towlie was hanging out upstairs, and I have 2 Flying Fish Amber bottles of beer in the fridge, the Mets are on with Pedro Martinez pitching his first game in some time. The yankees got spankeed and Wunderkid Joba Chamberlain went 2 1/3 innings in his first "start" since it isn't really a start since everyone knows Joba was only going 65 pitches. (Check out the pic above of Joba... JOBA SAD!!!

Meanwhile, bad, bad news in Boston . David Ortiz has a partial torn of the sheath that surrounds his wrist. the latest is t his - he has a cast on, and doctors are optimistic that when they remove the cast in 2-3 weeks, Ortiz can begin working his way back into the line-up. With /Dice-K out as well, this is a test for the boys from Boston. The pitching will have to step up (Justin Masterson won his second game this year, Bartolo Colon is 3-0, and there is still a chance schilling will pitch this year. If Beckett can raise his game, and Lester or Bucholz steps up a little bit, I think they will still be able to win the AL East.

Also check out the pic of the gorgeous Reiko Ike, the lead in awesomely over the top kick ass flick, Sex and Fury. I will be writing a review soon, the movie has jumped to the top of my to buy DVD list.

Sox won tonight, 7-4 over the AL leading Tampa Bay rays - Sox cut Rays lead to a half game.


Da Old Man said...

This whole Joba thing is a disaster in the making. Unless he suddenly becomes a great pitcher, they destroyed their pen for a decent start every 5 days.

Unless he becomes unbeatable and runs off 15-17 wins in his 20 or so starts, it will be a failure.

Anonymous said...

Here's a decent link to check out the latest sports action - http://player.cinesport.com/services/link/bcpid1119188920/bctid1591601919