Sunday, June 01, 2008

2 Day Check In

Ah, a lazy sunday afternoon. Hanging with Towlie, watching the Yanks lose, seeing the Red Sox winning, sunny and breezy with low humidity outside. I played tennis this morning, took care of the grocery shopping, and figured I would post a quick note.

Since checking in, the Red Sox have won 3 straight, to improve to 35-24. Bartolo Colon won again, improving to 3-0, going 6 inning, 4 earned runs, and 103 pitches. If he is able to sustain what he's doing, he immediately becomes a very solid 4th starter, possiblly even a 3rd, (with apologies to Wakefield, I would rather see a one two three of Beckett, Dice-K, and Colon, with Wakefield, Lester and Bucholz fighting for a 4th spot.

Celtics clinced, headed to the finals for the first time since 87. Man, I am freaking old, since I was 16 then! 16!!!! That's half a lifetime plus 5!!!!

Finished a great book by Tim Dorsey, The Stingray Shuffle. The 5th in a lengthy series starring one of the best characters in fiction ever created, Serge A. Storms. Man, I wish a movie could be made with someone great playing this guy, he's insane. Literally. Yet he wreaks so much havoc and it's usually directed at deserving targets, you wind up loving him. Insane, over the top, stuff, felt to me like Tarantino writing a novel.


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