Friday, June 06, 2008

Bush, Boston, and an Anniversary

Okay everyone, let's do the quick 3 day check in.

Bush's "legacy" continues: - a near 400 pt. drop in the Dow today, Oil closing at almost $140 a barrel, with the reality of of $150 a barrel by the 4th of July. Oh, and the unemployment numbers are in, with the biggest 1 month drop since 1986 (The Ronnie Reagan years, anyone). Oh the pain, and just in case you have forgotten, there are still 2 unfinished wars going on, both abysmal failures, and the U.S. continues to dump billions into Iraq.

Meanwhile, with my boys from Boston, I guess the first third has been far too quiet for the team. Only a week and a half ago the Sox were rolling, seemingly unable to have anything go wrong. Since then:

- Dice-K, their best pitcher so far this year, feels a strain in his shoulder and goes onto the 15 day DL

- Team hero and Mr. Clutch David 'Big Papi' Ortiz injures his wrist, goes on the 15 day DL, has a cast put on, and no one really knows what to expect. My optimistic prediction - shut him down to after the All Star Game, and hopefully that allows time for the cast to be removed and for Papi to regain range of motion in the wrist.

- Tampa Bay begins to really show their dirtiness, a carry over from their brawls with the Yankees. If I remember correctly, the Yanks/ Rays stuff started when a player from the Rays came around third and headed hard to home, barreling into a Yankee catcher, breaking the catcher's wrist. The Rays party line was basically that the Yankee catcher did not allow any room to slide, and he had to take him out hard at the plate. Hmm, ok. - The Yankees responded with a dirty slide by Shelly Duncan, spikes up into second.

So Thursday Night Coco Crisp tries to slide into Second and the Ray 2nd baseman blocked the base with his leg, and Coco banged his head on the leg. The next opportunity he had, Coco slid into second hard. Ok

So move to last night, when James Shields throws at Coco and hits him. Coco charges the mound, a brawl breaks out, Rays players are piling on and pounding on Coco. Final result, Coco gets a 7 game suspension!! Are you fucking kidding me? I know he'll appeal and hopefully get it dropped down to 4 or 5, but still. Meanwhile, later in the Game Jon Lester came inside on a Rays player and he got a 5 game suspension, and Sean Casey also got suspended. I give Shields credit for hitting Coco in an acceptable area but I am interested in seeing the Tampa Bay suspensions. How can they bitch about the Yankees blocking the plate, then have their own player block 2nd, and then complain! Screw these uppity pricks,
Meanwhile, more trouble in Beantown - Kevin Youkilis and manny Ramirez get into it in the dugout, and Jacoby Ellsbury rolls his wrist, but luckily that seems to be ok.

My wife and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, and look forward to 40 more. 10 years together now and still not a second a doubt that she is the one for me!



Da Old Man said...

That bastard Youk better stay the hell away from Manny.

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awww. no doubts on this end, either.