Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Treasonous Outrage !?

This is my first political post of the new blog, but I had to comment on the "outrage" of Dick Cheney and George Bush -

Just so everyone has this clear. The administration lied about WMD's that do not exist. They lied about yellowcake. They used terms like "mushroom clouds, mobile weapons of death, and spreading democracy." As time has worn on we see that there were so many lies it's nearly impossible to keep up. There is the treasonous outing of a CIA agent, directly linked to the Vice Presidents office. There was the unconstitutional tapping of phone lines (remember when the administration assured the american people that only transatlantic phone calls were being tapped... which was also proven to be a lie. Now the financial transactions of americans are being spied on as well... king george and his merry band of war profiteering neo fascists continue to ignore the constituition with impunity, and the sheople let it continue.



Katester said...

Awwww, yeah. Laying the smack DOWN.

Nikolai94 said...

Do what I did, join the ACLU. Hell it's like $50 a year, and they spend their life trying to overturn this fascist regime. As a side note, how many registered Sussex County Republicans do you think are also card-carrying member of the ACLU?