Friday, June 30, 2006

That Damned Mr. Green

That damned mr. green nearly caused me some trouble today. He insisted on sharing lunch with me, and our gregarious conversation relaxed me to the point of taking a nap. I pretty much was calling it a day. Wouldn't you know it, this is the one day in which the office needs to get in touch with me. A colleague called first, interrupting the nap. This was followed up by a supervisory call, which was distressing because this supervisor never bothers me on my cell. The third call was another by him, which prompted me to head out to the car and back to work. I returned his call, all was well, and I rolled back in as if it were a long lunch. Damned Grrreenie.


Any similarities between this post and reality are purely coincidental. For entertainment purposes only.


Nikolai94 said...

Mr. Green has an evil draw to him. He's like the 17 year-old hottie, she's too young to touch, but you would if you could.

savvy said...

So damned true..