Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ozzy Guillen - overrated bigot

" That's right, I'll say it twice... F** k, off, Bud Selig, and screw the rest of you fags too.... screw PC, if you don't like it I will have my pitcher hit you!"

So Ozzy Guillen, the manager of the Chicago White Sox, calls a reporter (Jay Mariotti) he doesn't like a "fag". This is included with a healthy dose of swearing and attitude, and falls on the heels of Ozzy's shenanigans last week, in which he ordered a rookie pitcher to go headhunting and hit an opposing player. The pitcher was unsuccesful, (in Ozzy's eyes) because he did not hit the player. He did get the opposing player to ground out, which I thought was the job of the pitcher in MLB (get players out), but apparently for the Ozman, hitting is more important. Machismo rules... after all, he probably figured his pitcher was also a "fag" for not manning up and hitting somebody.

Compare this to Dallas Maverics owner Mark Cuban being fined $250, 000 by NBA commisioner David Stern for criticizing poor officiating, a complaint that any of the millions watching the NBA finals could easily recognize as legitimate.

As I've said before, the rules of PC are so arbitrary. I hate to see PC run amok, but the truth is that if Guillen had made an ethnic slur he would probably be in real trouble, and if he were white and used an ethnic slur, he would likely be fired.



Woody said...

I thought you said you were going to use links! This would have been a good one.

Da Old Man said...

Over rated?

As a bigot or as a manager?

I think he's a very good manager, but only ok as a bigot. Maybe he could hire John Rocker as his bigoting coach.

Sal-acious said...

Its one thing if the Woodman would have just pointed out that you didn't use any links, but NOOOO, Mr. Wood had to actually research the topic and post his own link... typical over acheiver... ha ha...

Hey, during Giambi's second at bat and second home run (for 5 rbi's so far tonight), I noticed an ad behind home plate for "Blade - The Series", could that be any good?

Sav - its great to see you "blogging again"... I was "forced" by the man to create my own account, so I went off about someone commenting to me this weekend about SW Episode 3 (of course my first blog posting ever is about Star Wars) Anyway, I was thinking of blogging about the rest of my weekend, but didnt want to set myself up for the ridicule... didnt think I'd get much of an audience anyway.. sure I'll talk to you soon..

savvy said...

Thanks for pointing out the Woodman's obnoxiousness, it is clearly one of his most prevalent traits... as far as your weekend, bring it on dude.