Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Holy Crap... looks great!


This is the link for the new Spider-Man trailer, and damned it looks great. The little lady and I will be seeing Superman tomorrow, and I plan on following that up with X-3.. (I really held off, even though wifey saw it.) Aside - I held off too long on MI:3 and missed it.



Katester said...

the Little Lady? Wifey? What is this 1950? I need a cool nickname or something.

Cryde said...

So what if you missed MI3-it probably wasn't worth the schekels to see it on the big screen.

Da Old Man said...

She beat me to it.

Wifey. LOL.

But the movie will be great from what I have heard.

Nicole is going to see Supes at Imax in NYC.

Still laughing at "Wifey."

Very retro.

savvy said...

You've always seemed very interested in maintaining a low profile on the net... so I didn't use your name... how about we make this the cool nickname contest, and you can judge?