Tuesday, September 02, 2008

2 Days in a Row

O.K. Peeps, what up. I haven't really commented much on the Sarah Palin debacle, because much like watching a train wreck, your mind sees it happening in slow motion when you attempt to play it back (the actually event is very quick, as one knows if you think of anytime you've seen an accident - yet our memory playback is unique to each individual, thus you have 4 eyewitnesses often not corroborating the details of each other's versions.

Anyway, Palin is a mess! I thought it was a bad pick initially, although I understood why McCain did it. I think he was desperate to prove himself a maverick, steal some momentum from Obama, coming on the heels of the DNC, and provide a younger face to provide balance. here's the problem, you want to provide balance, not a striking and stark visualization of just how old he really is when measured up against the VPCILF (Vice-Presidential Candidate I Would Like To... you know the rest.) - Bad call, McCain.

But worse yet is the revelation that her 17 year old daughter is 5 months pregnant and her baby daddy is a self professed red-neck (according to his now taken down myspace page) - hmm, maybe this somehow does help in red state (often gooberville) America.

The fact is that the family values candidate, and mother of 5, avid runner, perhaps should have taught her daughter that abstinence is admirable, but sex is pretty damn fun (hey, she does have 5 kids and is a former beauty queen, ) and sometimes if you succumb to the volcanic urges of passion that bubbles through the loins of young men and women.

This is no attack on the daughter, and in one of the photos I feel really bad for her, it almost seems like she is a character in some trashy tv show (the new Beverly Hills 90210, anyone) - and she knows she really needs to tell her mom soon about the bun in the oven, but now mom is so happy with that old white haired guy John - what to do, what to do?



Kate said...

Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, half of us wouldn't be here if our mom's believed in abstinence.