Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well, It's Been a Week

OK everyone, a week since I last posted. So what's on my mind:

Thunderbolts and Thor are both great comics right now!

I rewatched The Killing last night. It is so amazing what a great freakin film that is. It was Kubrick's 3rd film, (of feature length) and the second chronologogically that i have seen. Killer's Kiss was a nice flick, short, gritty with great cinematograpy. But the Killing is a perfect movie. There is not one wasted frame of film in the entire film. So tightly constructed, and incredibly well acted with Sterling Hayden (one of my favorite actors), Elisha Cook Jr. as the near cuckold of the nasty, trampy, oh youi know she was slutty character of Sherrie Peatty, wife of Elisha Cook Jr. Played by Marie Windsor. This film is one of my favorite films in my favorite genre, film noir. A recent purchase, it has stood as a great decision. Now to get my wife to watch it with me.

It's sort of hard ot explain, but I have such a thing for Christina Ricci. She always had sort of a look that appealed to me, but the Opposite of Sex really sealed it for me. This is a recent pic, showing that she still has it going on. It's also nice that she isn't such a stick now; it was sad to watch her drop from her voluptios The Opposite of Sex Role to her too big head for her starved body look. - She's rebounded nicely

Maybe Bartolo /colon is going to be a nice find for the Red Sox?


Da Old Man said...

They got Colon for nothing, so it can't hurt.

I'm with you on the Christina Ricci thing. BTW, I'm back blogging like a mofo.

No offense to mofo's anywhere.

savvy said...

nice save there, I know a few mofo's and they are not people you wanna fuck with!