Saturday, March 08, 2008

Get Over It. It's eight years ago!!!!????

Looking like a member of the Sith, Antonin Scalia (good buddy of Darth Cheney, you know, his hunting pal who had a case involving secret meetings with the leaders of big oil, then refused to reveal the content of those meetings to us, the american people, and Antonin saw no need to recuse himself from that case) - anyway, Antonin spoke at Princeton University yesterday in an address on overreaching judicial activism and how it is bad - had this to say.

When a written question from a student asked about the Supreme Court's Bush v. Gore decision on the 2000 presidential election, Scalia told the crowd of about 300 at Princeton University: "Oh, get over it! It's eight years ago."

"By 5-4 we decided enough is enough and we put an end to it and I think the vast majority of citizens in the country were grateful that we did that," Scalia said of the court's decision, which ended the Florida recount.

So in other words, exercise judicial restraint, except in the most important decision that will ever face the supreme court, the presidency of our country. Then you need to intervene, thus handing the keys to the country to an undeserving junta, an axis of evil, if you will, and now 8 years later we face the consequences of a war with costs likely to exceed trillions of dollars, oil prices through the roof, United States credibility at an all time low, a recession, record profits for oil companies throughout all of this, and an overextended army, exhausted from 5 years in a foreign country (without need, by the way - a war of choice, really an invasion). Oh, OK, I see.

And the vast majority of the citizens of the country were grateful for that? - really, and what color is the sky in Antonin's world?

I have to go vomit now.


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