Friday, March 21, 2008

2 Days (and a movie review) + Duke escapes

Well it's 2 days since my last post. I wanted to offer up a few thoughts on There Will Be Blood, one of the rare films I see in the Theater these days, and well worth every minute at the theater. It actually worked out well, as I saw There Will Be . on the Sunday prior to returning to work. As you can well imagine, Monday was not an easy day. Imagine your normal Sunday evening blues, compounded with your post vacation blues, and unless you're lucky enough to be a teacher and have the entire summer off, you ain't never experienced blues like the post disability blues. (An d reallyl, it's not that bad, let's keep our perspective on these things. )

Anyway, my buddy Sal and I saw the flick in Rockaway, taking the ride in order to see it on a larger screen. Well worth the trip, as the film pulls you in quickly and never let's go, the cinematography is amazing, the sound score completely sets the tone, and in the middle of it all is Daniel Day Lewis. Quite honestly, it wasn't even worth submitting other names for best actor this year; Lewis blew everyone away!

A challenging film, and not one that the masses will appreciate. Day-Lewis is an actor of amazing nuance and subtext. He doesn't go over the top ala present day Pacino and even Deniro. Lewis emits controlled rage, and his character is almost empathetic for much of the movie, and his redeemability remains in question until the final, shocking frame.

Great stuff, and a worthy contribution to the literature of great films.

The NCAA tourney has started, and holy shit, Duke pulled one out yesterday. Almost losing to the #15 Belmont team hopefully acts as a kick in the ass for Duke. the Sad thing is that Belmont played really well ; it wasn't simply a matter of a Duke Dud. Worrisome

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