Saturday, August 18, 2007

This guy is killing the team!!!!

Another blown save, negating a sweet comeback, a nice performance by Beckett, and a possible sweep of a doubleheader with the second best team in baseball, which would have guaranteed no worse than a split for the weekend. Down the tubes because this f'in guy can't get his shit together.... hmmm, perhaps this is an elaborate plot, in which Gagne secretly is being paid by the evil empire to blow games for Red Sox Nation, and the real Gagne and his A-Game will be signed for big money next year for the empire to help the declining Mariano Riviera..... Nah, I think maybe this guy (Gagne) just sucks!!! - Red Sox fans need to know one way or another soon, this can not continue.

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Da Old Man said...

Yeah, it's all a plot. Yankees have Chamberlain and Hughes, and suddenly they'll realize hard throwing young pitchers suck, and they need some washed up dead armed relievers.