Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Red Sox, The Fog,

The Yankees have lost, again, today and as i type this trail the Boston Red sox by 7 games in the division. The Red Sox currently lead the White Sox 7-1 in the 7ths, so it looks like it will be 7 1/2 games shortly. In other words, as I have been saying to the Yankee faithful all year, you ain't catching the Red Sox. I hope the Red Sox grab this sinking Yankee ship and squishes it, crushes the spirit and life out of it, and leaves it behind, to miss the playoffs entirely.

Recently rewatched TheFog by John Carpenter. I'm a huge John Carpenter fan, even if I am not usually a horror film type of guy. The flick has to be a very good movie to pull me in if it's a horror film, whereas my standards are lower for an action film. This film is a perfect example of how to make a spooky ghost story type of horror film, with great casting, a scary soundtrack, and a tight 90 minute shooting script.

The premise is simple. On the 100th anniversary of a seaside towns founding, a terrible secret is discovered concerning an evil deed by the towns founders. Leprous ghosts come a calling, looking for revenge for the horrible wrong done to them. The casting includes Hal Holbrook at the drunken priest,the grandson of one of the towns founders. The always sexy Adrienne Barbeau is the single mom/radio station owner dj with a sexy voice and the navigator for the listeners caught up as possible victims of the wrath of the ghosts. Jamie Lee Curtis is the young hitchhiker who strikes up a relationship with the goodhearted driver who picks her up. John Houseman starts off the movie telling the ghost story about the fog to a bunch of children. Janet Leight also stars as a councilwoman who has ties to the towns founders as well.

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