Saturday, August 11, 2007

Here comes the G.D.M.F. Evil Empire

So here comes the f'in Yankees. 5 games back now and rolling along like a juggernaut. The Sox blow a come from behind rally against the Orioles, and new bullpen stud Gagne absolutely implodes, followed by a loss from Asian wonder Okijima. A bad day overall for those of us in Red Sox Nation. - The positives from last night are simple, the rally back and the stat line of Dice-K.
7 innings - 4 hits-1 Earned Run - 7 strike outs. - I will go on record right now. Anything less than the World Series is a failed season for the BoSoX. (Actually, after Gagne, I felt that anything less than winning the world series, but I am beginning to doubt that at this point). So today is now big, because if it hits 4, then the 6 games against the evil empire get even scarier. If the Yankees win 5/6 they would take the A.L. East... I'm excited that I at least get to watch the Sox on tv today, since it's been a while since they've been on TV. HOpefully things go b ack to 6, with Beckett on the mount for the Sox, and Mussina on the mound for the Yankees (He is due for a stinker)


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