Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Now it's On!

Finally, 100 games in, (give or take) and both the Sox and the Evil Empire are playing well, setting up the rivalry the way it should be. Sox have Jon Lester back, and anyone shoud be able to appreciate his story; a year removed from cancer, he is back in baseball, and although it's certainly of much lesser importance, he provides the BoSox with a 23 year old lefty now to add to the rotation. With Curt Schilling on the way back, that leaves the Sox with 6 starters, (not including Julian Tavares, who will return to the pen where I believe he is more effective anyway. He's been ok as a starter, but is really designed to be a reliever.) - so the Sox still have Lester, Schilling, Wakefield, Beckett, Dice-K and Kason Gabbard! A nice problem to have, and although I hate to say it, the odd man out is probably either mr. Red Sox Wakefield or Gabbard, who has been pitching so well you hate to see him move.

Meanwhile, the evil empire is playing very well, and it seems possible that Joba Chamberlain or this Kennedy dude will be coming up sooner rather than later to provide some bullpen help. Everyone is hitting, Damon is playing well in the field, and the empire looks like they've rebuilt the Death Star. LUckily our patriots from Boston will be ready to once again save us all from the evil empire and their assorted minions!


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Da Old Man said...

As the race track announcer at the Meadowlands says
"Here they come"