Monday, July 09, 2007

No School today!!

So today I took a mental health day, for a variety of reasons.

1. It's supposed to exceed 100 freakin degrees today! I am a big believer in the 1-99 rule. If it's less than 1 degree or more than 99, all work should cease. Life's too short to grind through extreme conditions, unless absolutely necessary.

2. Piled up work that I just didn't want to face on Mon. morning. Hopefully this be alleviated by a couple of work calls from home; the spin being apologetic banter with mention of calling on one's day off. Just spin, and in today's world isn't spin the expectation?

3. Mr. G's recent visit - haven't taken any time to spend 1X1, although he may be angry since I have plans with my wife later tonight that may preclude he and I hanging out... we'll see.

4. My wife and I really don't take real vacations, so why not continue to chip away at my time. We took time off this year for a wedding in Iowa, a funeral in Brooklyn, and we'll use time for the holidays in North Carolina. Hardly any kind of island paradise, so screw it.

What have I accomplished so far? - Halfway through a monster crossword puzzle, read a chapter of the Looking Glass Wars, burned a CD for a friend, and left this blog post!


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Da Old Man said...

Sounds like a full day to me.