Sunday, July 22, 2007

13 days

13 days since I last checked in, so here's the update.

Work is becoming very, very draining. Nothing terrible, but let's just say this. As of Thursday, I had 34 saves messages on my Voicemail, all stuff to get back to this week. That doesn't include Friday, when I was caught up with an emergency that had eaten up Thursday as well, so who knows how many more messages to add to that. Plus a chunk of Mon. will be tied up with the Fri. emergency still.

This has been a good Sunday so far, but it's tough, because Sat. is definitely the best day of the week; primarily because Sunday is still waiting! Today has been nice because it's a mixture of chill and activity. Played tennis with my buddy this morning, went out to lunch with my buddy and his son afterwards. Watched the Red Sox win against the White Sox (a necessity with the evil empire winning again). Sox didn't make it pretty, but a win is a win is a win.

Finished a 500 plus pg trade paperback reprinting a bunch of Unknown Soldier stories, great stuff from the silver age of DC comics.

Watched the Mets try to come back against the Dodgers, game going into bottom of the 9th now, Dodgers up.

Monday still looms... still on todays agenda, finish rewatching Desperado (movie review coming soon, at, link to be added soon.


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Da Old Man said...

Have I mentioned lately that Boston sucks?

Just checking.