Friday, April 27, 2007

Sox Vs. Evil Empire (Part 4, Ver. 2007)

Oh Baby, this just keeps getting better. Currently 11-4 Yankees getting crushed by the Sox. Mariano Rivera came in to get some work and got rocked! Yanks now haven't won since that miraculous comeback in their game the day before they played the Red Sox. Now facing their 7th straight loss (4th to the Boston Red Sox ) the Yanks are a mess. Meanwhile the Red Sox bullpen leads the majors in ERA, Josh Beckett is 5-0 with an under 2 ERA, and Papelbon still has a 0.00 ERA. - How sweet it would be to take a 2nd championship in the last 4 years at the same time the Yankees implode. Well, reality tells me that 20 games in is only 1/8 of a season, lots of time and many stories still to be told.


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