Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'm Back

All right, O.K., due to popular demand, I'm back. It's been pointed out to me that I haven't posted since Feb. 26, so here is my promise to you, faithful readers. A post a day is the goal, and while I can't promise quality every day, I will do my best to deliver the product. (Like Bush promising a war to his business cronies looking for some nice profiteering, i.e. Haliburton - results not guarenteed, but war will be had)

If my good buddy Woodman reads this (great to see you for dinner) I still disagree with you. I stated that my frustration in most of my arguments with people is simple; I am right and they have no facts on their side. You stated that sometimes I am wrong yet couldn't cite any examples. How about this - my shots at the Yankees over the years for spending so much and the competitive imbalance this breeds is not necessarily a fact. We have argued about this many times but the truth is that there is no definitive answer to the salary cap (or lack of one) and its impact in MLB. However, in things like the Bush administrations performance, and the entire farce that has been the Iraq war, the facts back me up. This is why I choose not to engage with anyone who disagrees with me on those issues. I am right, and the facts are definitive. Anyone who thinks otherwise is self deluded and practicing spin, playing with semantics and their own sad ignorance.

Happy Easter - 653 days left of the Bush regime. (depressing, I know, but after being appointed by the Supreme Court (thank you, Antonin Scalia), he had 2880 days. We've made it through 2227 of them (I know, it feels longer) so keep the faith.

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Katester said...

Good to have you back, big daddy.