Saturday, January 27, 2007

State of the Union commentary

So here we are as a country in the year 2007. I think it is an important time to point out a brief review of what is the worst presidential regime since Nixon and quite easily one of the worst administrations ever.

1) 2000 - George Bush runs for the presidency against Al Gore. The country was coming off of 8 blissful and exciting years with one of our country's greatest presidents, Bill Clinton. Clinton faced 6 years of a hostile congress yet still managed to rework the welfare system, keep the economy humming along like gangbusters and maintain positive international relations with both our allies and enemies. A true diplomat whose only real weakness was his sexual appetite, a classic trait for an accomplished alpha male. Sadly, the republicans cared little about the positive state of the country and desperately attempted to destabilize our country by dragging President Clinton through a bs impeachment attempt. This is important to remember, especially when Bush and his appointed court of neocons express outrage over the lack of support for the president as being "unpatriotic".

Bush loses the popular vote in 2000 to Al Gore and it appears the country is headed for at least 4 more positive years under the even, smooth leadership of the Democrats. However, little did any of us know that the coup was in motion, and after a dizzying period of back and forth nonsense and an incredibly polarized country, the supreme court (led by Bush regime buddy Antonin Scalia) stops the recounts and declares Bush the winner. The trouble was beginning.

2) The Bush regime disregards an enormous amount of security info passed to them from the Clinton Administration, including warnings about Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. Clearly Osama was not a new name... many of the neocons had been involved with arming Osama during the 80's in order to encourage the lengthening war between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. The Bushies ignored all warnings, and the terrible events of Sept. 11 was the result. - While most of the country reacted with anger, outrage, and sadness, the Bush regime reacted with a sense of optimistic opportunity - finally a chance to bamboozle the country into a war with Iraq, a country with a vile leader that had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks of Sept. 11. This mattered little to the chicken hawks in the Bush regime. These armchair soldiers viewed the middle east as the central point in their visions of a New World Order, and a sweet side benefit would be the enormous profits that could be directed to their favorite companies. (Bechtel, KBR , Haliburton, etc.)

3) The Bush boys sent the U.S. armed forces into Afghanistan and after a quick pit stop for show (do some reading on the state of Afghanistan today - the war lords are returned to power, opium production is through the roof, and the infrastructure remains in tatters.) The regime continued to eye Iraq but desperately needed to sell fear to the american public to support this war. The litany of lies began and the ministers of propaganda (Rove, Ari Fleisher, Andrew Card, Cheney,) began to beat the drums of war. Terms like WMD's and mushroom clouds began floating through the public consciousness. The talking heads eagerly picked up the chant, and soon Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, and the many others echoed whatever their marching orders were each day. - Of course the bush regime needed more, and those pesky weapons inspectors were becoming a real problem, with their factual non findings of no WMD's. No chemical weapons or mobile death mobiles either. The administration pulled out their ace card, Token regime member Colin Powell, a man of great credibilty (not anymore) blatantly lied to the U.N. The only question is whether he willfully lied or was a patsy, but the damage (and responsibility) ultimately rests with Mr. Powell. Finally bush pulls the weapons inspectors out and sends in the invading forces in 2003. March 20th the invasion begins, leading to ...

4) "Major Combat Operations are completed" says a smiling Bush on May 1, 2003. Hmmm, that means all is well now, right? Oh, that's right, we are only a few months away from celebrating the end of combat, the 4 year anniversary. I'm sure all of our soldiers still dodging bullets from angry Iraqi's will be in a partying mood. Furthermore, the decider in chief is sending another 21 thousand troops, and given his enormous track record of success I am optimistic.

5) Dick Cheney chastises Wolf Blitzer on CNN, basically stating that things continue to go well in Iraq, and he can't comprehend where this negative view is coming from.

This brief overview is why I do not even bother with anyone still pro bush. The world has become a much less stable during the last 6 years, and there is still 2 more years left. Are you worried yet?


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