Monday, January 22, 2007

Greatest Movie Ever!!

True Romance. My favorite movie, ever by far. I remember the first time I saw this flick. Sparta theater, in Sparta, N.J. A small movie theater, with two movies playing, roating weekly. I saw some trailers, the movie looked cool. The movie came out in 93. I was 22 years old, heading into my last year of college. For whatever reason I was at my parents and not my college house. I don't remember when the movie opened. I do remember getting a bottle of rum and driving over to the theater with my buddy the salamander. Mixing down rum with coke, I watched this hyper adrenalized, super violent, over the top fan boy action fantasy, mixing every hipster you could ever imagine with lots of hip things you didn't even realize were hip, I decided I wanted to write stories like movies. The perfect mix of words, actors and cinematography just blew me away. (A perfect combination of material and director, as Tony Scott did justice to Tarantino's words. While Scott certainly didn't do the film the way I suspect Tarantino would have, there were some strong similarities.

I write of this for a variety of reasons, not least of which is a long chat tonight with the Salamander. One of my best buds in the world, and shared memories of fun times is the bond that pulls people together. (Family, friends, loved ones of all kinds ultimately are connected by their shared experiences and their inteprations of those experiences. )

This movie makes me want to write, so therefore all 4 readers of this blog will get to enjoy some late night, wine and mr. g fueled rants like tonight.

Beast out

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