Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First Post of 2007

Movie Reviews -

Dazed and Confused - Man, I love this movie. I've watched it a bunch of times, saw it in the theater, owned the VHS, and recently bought the DVD dirt cheap in a bargain bin. So freakin awesome, more entertaining every time. :) Especially enjoyable with Mr. Green.

Alias Season 1 ( Recently watched through the first season with my wife. I love taking a show like this, which we never watched, and starting from the beginning - fast moving, with only a couple of unlikeabe characters (the annoying tech guy, the annoying reporter guy). There is also one of the best character actors around, the awesome Ron Rifkin. His character has a bazillion layers to him, and this is only season 1!

Venture Brothers Season 1 - Every once in awhile you take a chance on a purchase and it pays off in a big way. Purchasing Venture Brothers on was a great call. I read a brief review of this box set, a show that runs on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. It's an odd mix of characters that draws from many different archetypes and pop cultural elements from the past, including a Dr. Strange parody character, an FF parody, some hysterical villians, and one of the all time greatest characters in animation, BrockSampson. An insane, killing machine bodyguard who for no apparent reason is insanely loyal to Dr. thaddeus venture and his two kids, Hank and Brock.

Maybe more later, if you're all lucky

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