Sunday, March 08, 2009

A suggestion for the Economy

here's an idea to help our faltering economy. Anyone who voted for George W. Bush 1 time has to pay %4 of their gross income every year until the economy is stabilized. After all, Bill Clinton turned over a surplus only 8 years ago. Think about that. 8 years ago dubya was given a country of relative peace with a strong functional economy. If someone was stupid enough to vote for Dubya a second time they have to kick in 8%, 1 per year in office. Votes for Ronald Reagan are also worth 4%, but to be fair only his second term, because even I can't defend the state of the U.S. under Jimmy Carter. So the first vote for Reagan is a pass, even though his approach was the beginning of this supply side economics nonsense. Basically stuff the rich with as much as possible, and to hell with everyone else. A vote for George H.W. is also a pass, because he inherited the problem from Reagan. So if someone voted for Reagans second term and both of Bushes, and then voted for Mccain/Palin, they should pay 16% of gross salary until we are stable. In addition, the so called Red States, states which support neo-cons and believe in small govt., states which want tax cuts for the rich, can no longer receive disproportionate federal funding. It amazes me that the traditional "blue" progressive states pay the bulk of federal taxes, in order to subsidize the booger eating morons in red states who then turn around and want to dictate the terms of the countries cultural/ethical approach to everything.

This is why the Comedian is such a great character in Watchmen. he sees the absurdity of it all.



Kristopher said...

Here's the problem: 1) ALOT of this stuff became possible under Clinton's watch 2) I would always give a pass under the first term of any prez (because you don't the alternative - Gore may or may not have been better). But by the second term, you know wht you are getting.

savvy said...

1) Sadly very true. Thanks for the 12 decisions, very interesting. 2) it's truly hard to imagine Gore being worse. Did you see the Will Ferrell special/