Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I returned home tonight from work in a perfectly fine mood, happy to be looking at the mid week hump day tomorrow, since it is both comic day and my second to last day of the shortened work week, since I am taking the day off to see Watchmen on Friday.

Little did I know a small kernel of anger was heating up in my belly, slowly warming up and getting ready to pop!

I unnecessarily became quarrelsome with the wife, with me bringing up some older issues, basically unimportant, except for what they obviously represented to me, on a level below the surface, but not far below. I first derisively referred to N.J. GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie as "her boy", and she was irritated. We discussed it and reminded of the fact that he stood as an arbiter of morality and a corruption buster, and he arguably did a good job of that. (There is a case to be made that he went after a disproportionate number of democrats, but it is also fair to say that our state has more democrats in power than republicans) I pointed out that when presented with an opportunity to deliver a monstrous state contract, he just happened to award the job to his boss's firm, the illustrious John Ashcroft presiding. (Oh, we'll come back to him, don't you worry). This is hypocrisy, and hypocrisy angers me more than anything else, because it so often emanates from those in power.

I then bought up an old argument about an event in which Iwanted to verbally engage with a man who worked closely with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, at a time when Bush was going to veto an extension of funding for the SCHIP program designed to provide services to poor children. This kind of callous, "compassionate conservatism" is hypocrisy at its fullest, a "born again" who shows no real understanding of the message of Christ.

Clearly, the last 8 years have left me simmering inside, and I generally do not wallow in the negativity, but the shape of the country is directly causing hardship for me and my loved ones, and I am pissed off. Why the fuck are people so ignorant that they would allow the last 8 years to happen?

I'm gonna go be happy for a while!

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Kate said...

Very well said.