Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So the Slime oozes to Kentucky!

Oh, this is too sweet. John Calipari, the kind of slickster sleeze, the coaching guru who just signed the richest men's coaching contract in NCAA basketball history, has agreed to take the job as coach of the Kentucky Wildcats. My prediction - within 7 years Cal has Kentucky facing some kind of NCAA violations. The man drips with slime. Let me give you the quick overview. He spents 2 years at North Carolina Wilmington, then transfers to Clarion. The beginning of his on the move mentality begins, no committment, no class, no real winning.

He coaches UMASS from 88-96, goes to final four, then leaves them with a scandal in his wake, in order to jump to the NBA for 3 seasons with the Nets. At 3-17 in his third season in NJ he gets fired and crawls back to the NCAA, taking a job with the Memphis tigers.

In Calipari's first nine years as head coach at Memphis, he won 253 games, posted nine consecutive 20-win seasons (including an NCAA record four consecutive 30-win seasons) and earned nine consecutive postseason bids. His 2007–2008 team's 38 victories set a new NCAA Division I Men's Basketball record for most victories in a season.

Sounds really good, right? Good enough for an 8 year, over 31 million dollar contract, with a 2.5 million dollar signing bonus to coach the Kentucky Wildcats. I mean, with those credentials, he is a winner, through and through. Except the primary difference between Cal and previous big time Kentucky coaches like Rick Pitino and Tubby Smith. Cal has a total of 0 championships. 0 Pitino has won a title. Tubby won a title. they never received this kind of money.

So congrats Cal. Lots of money, lots of questionable kids, lots of talent, but no character, no integrity, and no winning the big prize. Ah, the modern American dream!


Da Old Man said...

Sad when someone like this gets rewarded.

Did John Wooden make 3 mil in his entire career?

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