Saturday, April 05, 2008

Checking In & Some Movie Reviews

So I haven't checked in for a few days; I guess the work weeks just blow by so fast sometimes. So I will give everyone the update:

A friend came to town on Tuesday, so I ended up using a personal day on Wed. to hang. My allergies were kicking my ass anyway, so it was good to take a one day vacation. I needed it, because the workload has been nuts. Oh, I want to the eye dr. on Mon. and will be getting some new contacts, a "next generation" silicon blend that retains mosture better than previous lenses. These were the doc's words. I have to admit, they are nice, especially as the day wears on and other lenses begin to dry up.

I was going to write a review of the Killing, until realizing I wrote one not too long ago. but WTF, the pic is still cool and the movie never gets old.

The wife and I are finding it increasingly difficult to like Weeds. - We're 3 episodes into Season 2 and we're hating everyone, from hot MILF Mary Louise Parker to her bratty kids, their snotty housekeeper (think a mexican contemporary version of George And Weezies housekeeper on the Jeffersons. (Was her name Florence?) - Wasn't it weird that the Jeffersons, an example of a black couple that was moving forward and upward socially, would then hire a black woman as a servant? Was that perhaps repressed rage by George, to have a slave type for him to dominate. Hmmm, clearly he wasn't racist, since the hiring of a white woman would have contained a juicier subtext, especially if she were attractive. Perhaps the Jeffersons is part of the secret plot that utilizes pop culture to reenforce official opinions for the powers that be.

Yanks are struggling quite a bit these days, dropping two straight to Tampa Bay, but the Red Sox haven't done any better, losing their last two games. Not enough guys are really hitting yet for the BoSox, but as long as the pitching is healthy, this team is in great shape.

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