Monday, April 07, 2008

Movie Review - On Dangerous Ground! & today's sexy babe

Nicholas Ray directs. Ida Lupino, Ward Bond, and the always great Robert Ryan act. Bernard Hermann scores the whole thing. Classic Fucking Noir, (except for the saccharine ending, clearly not fitting in tone with the film and according to a recent book on Film Noir, not the ending the screenwriter or Ray wanted. (Lupino directed a few days when Ray was ill, and it's rumored she directed the last scene with her and Ryan) Despite this ending, the film is absolutely terrific, and the film zips along, at a tight and never wasted 82 minutes. A must own for the DVD collector of film noir, and availabe in the Film Noir Vol. 3 availabe on Amazon. Ida Lupino is one of those chicks who shouldn't be so enticing yet I just can't help but find her damned seductive!

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Da Old Man said...

Really going old school with the hot chicks, lately.

BTW, Verizon Sucks.