Monday, October 22, 2007

World Series [part II]

Here come the Boston Red Sox, baby, looking for their 2nd World Series in 4 years. While the evil empire allowed their manager for the 12 years to twist in the wind before offering him an insulting contract and allowing him to walk away, the Red Sox were doing what they've done all year; win. Swept through the first round, fell down 3-1 before roaring back and outscoring the Indians 30-5 in the last 3 games, and now stand 4 wins away from another championship. I knew things were looking good when J.D. Drew, till this point a huge bust, hit a grand slam on Saturday night - My screams of joy probably didn't do my throat any good. Beckett has been the best postseason pitcher this year in all of baseball, and rookie phenom Dustin Pedroia finally began to hit as well during the last 2 games. The Sox are a far different team when instead of having the big 3 (Papi, Manny, and Lowell), they have a solid 6 (Pedroia and Youkoulis leading into the big 3, followed by a productive J.D. Drew.

Meanwhile, the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers University pulled off a huge win on Thursday, beating #2 ranked South Fla in Piscataway. If Rutgers can run the table through the big east they will win the title and end up the BCS player from the Big East. The only undefeated Big East team (in the conference) is currently Conn., and RU plays them next week. This week is WVU, a must win game to keep major bowl hopes alive!

Oh, and I am still freaking sick, day 12 now. I had been feeling mostly better, but my voice is shot and my throat is kind of swollen. Damn you Towlie!!!

Hope to check in later with some movie reviews - yeah, I've said it before, but this time I really mean it.. maybe, probably.. oh whatever.


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