Saturday, October 13, 2007

October Saturday

Well kids, the first saturday of October, 2007 now. Let's go over the good, bad and ugly.

The good is the Boston Red Sox, driving towards their second title in 3 years. A couple of weeks back I posted a blog entitled first in, hopefully last standing. I projected a Sox/indians divisional series and a yanks/angels series, with the Sox playing the Angels in the second round. Oops. Sox played the Angels in the first round and the Yanks had Cleveland. My guess then was the Sox in 3, Yankees in 5, then a Sox/Yanks ALCS, probably a 7 gamer. Funny thing, evil empire coughed up and choked their entire 216 million payroll down the crapper, and now it's Sox/Cleveland. I predict a 5 game series, especially if Schilling produces the way he normally does in the postseason.

The bad is that I am freaking sick as a dog. A monstrous cold/flu has gripped my body since Wed., and unfortunately I only have 3 available personal days left to take off from work, and I need 2 for Christmas, so I have been plugging away, with hopes that this weekend I can assist my body and rally to fight this damned thing. Bring on the Nyquil (which I had to jump through hoops to get yesterday, since it contains (gasp!) pseudophedrine! Gimme a freakin break - I really resent having to go through such a hassle to buy some medicine. Also needed will be vitamins, juices, rest, echinacea, and more nyquil.

Nothing really ugly at this point. - check back on that later.

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