Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why the Red Sox are a better franchise than the Evil Empire

point 1 of why the BoSox are better than the Evil Empire -

2007 payroll - Yankees, 195 million. Return on Investment (ROI) - another first round loss, the 7th year in a row w/0 a championship. Meanwhile, despite the attempts by much of the NY based media (Mike "bighead I like to suck Yankee cock" Kay, Mike "I'm a miserable fat fuck " Francesca, and others of their ilk) to portray the Sox as no different than the empire, this simply isn't true. To be honest, it comes off as sour grapes. While it is true the Red Sox spent over a 100 million total for Dice-K, the Yankees threw gobs of money at a pitcher almost 20 years later to pitch part time and do absolutely nothing. (How ya doing, Roger "I tried to kill Mike Piazza" clemens.) Meanwhile, Dice-K knocks in 2 RBI's and pitches scoreless baseball into the 6th inning of the World Series!

Let's not forget, the Sox also are likely to sweep this WS (or win in 5 or 6 at worst), with a payroll of 143 million. Sure, that's a ton of money, but it's 73 pct. less than the Yankees spent, and the Sox will win the World Series. Maybe it's a fluke, Yankee fans. After all, the Red Sox didn't go through you to get there in the playoffs. (mainly because the Yankees couldn't even force a 5th game against Cleveland, the same team the Sox beat 3 straight to get to the WS) So let's look backward.

2004. Evil Empire leads 3-0 against the Red Sox, on their way to another beating of the Sox. Yankees took their 3-0 lead, their 183 million dollar payroll, and their typical Yankee arrogance. Guess what? The Sox rose up, took their relatively paltry 125 million payroll, and won 8 straight games to win the World Series. The first team to come back from 3-0 in an MLB playoff series. Even more impressive, this was with a payroll that was 68 pct. of the Yankees. Basically, the Yankees took a payroll that was spending 3 dollars to every 2 the Red Sox spent, and the Red Sox were far higher than even the 3rd highest spender.

Conclusion. The Yankees can spend their way into the playoffs every year, (woop de do) and as soon as they begin playing some legitimate contenders, they fold like a cheap suit. Enjoy, Yankee fans, while those of us with class, taste, and discretion enjoy the second championship of a truly great franchise, the Boston Red Sox.

(pt. II tomorrow, the classless treatment of Joe Torre)


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