Saturday, September 15, 2007

September Saturdays

I loove Saturdays in September. The weather has finally cooled down, playoff baseball is on the horizon, and Rutgers football is now not only worth watching (Ranked 13 in the country, baby) but Rutgers now lays the smackdown on sacrificial lambs (todays victim=Norfolk State). It was a few short years ago that I went to the game and watched RU lose to a division 1-AA squad, the UNH wildcats. Those days are now gone, and RU could become THE Northeast football powerhouse, ala the old days of Penn State. (RU just put up 45 pts - in the second quarter!!

I went out last night to watch Red Sox Vs. Evil Empire and I got hammered. Good thing, since I missed the Red Sox implosion. Fell asleep on the floor last night, woke up a little shaky, but not miserable. (The joys of being older and recognizing the stop signs/red lights, and most importantly following them, as opposed to the younger days of plowing right on through and feeling like shit for the rest of the weekend. A little achy today, and pretty thirsty, but nothing else. the best part is that it is Saturday, day 1 of the weekend, and one more full day of not going to work awaits.

I've been feeling a little sad lately over the death of our beloved friend, Pumpkin. We miss her very much. (see pic above)

Finally, Amy Lee from Evanescene is so freakin beautiful.


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