Thursday, September 06, 2007

A-Hole Blows an Early Load!!!

Has anyone seen my friend towlie? I haven't seen him for 9 days, and I miss him very much.

It must be September and the regular season, because A-Hole is on fire. 2 homers in 1 inning last night. Of course, if the evil empire does spend it's way into the post season, we all know that A-hole will curl up like a man's testes in ice cold water, not to be seen until it's time for scumbag agent Scott Boras to ask for tons more money for Mr. regular season!

Boston Red Sox still lead the division by 6, and have the best record in baseball. Bring on the playoffs!

I wish it were Friday.

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Da Old Man said...

This is the year for A-Rod. He is no longer the "weak grounder to second in key situations" A-Rod of old. He's the new and improved, "Put the team on my back and I'll carry them to victory" A-Rod.
AL MVP, followed by Championship Series MVP, followed by WS MVP.
Clean sweep of every award.