Monday, September 03, 2007

Busted Rockets, Heaven at 7

Well, evil empire fans, it looks like the high from your 3 game sweep is gone faster than the euphoria one experiences from a rush of bad blow (not that I know, of course) and after losing today, (the third of 4) and the Red Sox looking to close on a win, the empire is 7 games behind the heroic BoSox, and only 1 game up on the Seattle Mariners. Oh, and it looks like Roger "I got away with attempted murder on Mike Piazza" Clemens continues to prove how much he is worth... shit, although he convinced the empire he was worth over a million a start for a 5 inning, over 4 ERA pitcher. Meanwhile, rookie Clay Buchholz thrown a no hitter for the Sox, another piece of a potential championship season.

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