Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day

A few days ago I was flipping channels, looking for something to watch, and I came across the Barry Levinson file, Bandits. The film stars Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thorton as bank robbing brothers who pick up "hostage"/accomplice Cate Blanchett and mayhem ensues. There is a scene where Billy Bob's character, a hypochondriac genius, speaks about the difficulty being so smart. He tells Bruce " You know what the trouble is being smarter than everyone else? You pretty much know how everything is going to turn out, and it takes the surprise out of everything" That's how I have felt watching the Bush regime run roughshod over the country the last 6 years. I told people the war was a choice, not a necessity, and I watched the masses continue to support this amoral, thieving regime of greedy, evil scumbags. It is frustrating being smarter than the overwhelming majority, because the facts and the truth regarding many of the so called issues is available for those who choose to gather info and formulate opinions based on truth.

Anyway, I will add more later because this is a really good day, and a chance of new hope.

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