Saturday, October 28, 2006

If a team wins the world series and no one cares, does it make a sound?

Well, to show how excited I was about the world series, I went to bed last night (Fri.) during the 8th inning, with St. Louis up 2 runs in the possible deciding game in the WS... and upon waking up today before 6 a.m., didn't bother to check who won until 30 minutes ago. This from a pretty big sports fan... St. Louis won, Ho Hum!

A bit of sports withdrawal for me now , with no major passion for NFL teams (I enjoy the games, but nothing gets me fired up). Well, except for my hatred for T.O. College football has RU, but that's really only once a week. No real college hoops, the NBA is an all but unwatchable league with far too many thugs (yeah, Stephen Jackson, I'm talking to you!) Seriously, what other sport needs the commissioner to pass down rules of conduct like how to dress and when to leave your gun at home. Oh, and if anyone thinks that the modern NBA guy isn't representative of a host of issues "hip hot mentality, urban fatherless upbringing, arrogance and a thug mentality, attached to an uneducated, surly, pampered athlete, they just haven't been paying attention." More on that later, as I came across an article recently that touches on an old argument I had with good friend, Dr. R.J. Barcelona.


Da Old Man said...

That's not right. Somebody, somewhere cares.


Ok, a definate maybe.


Just because we don't know anybody, doesn't mean somebody , somewhere may have possibly cared a little bit.

After all, millions of people world wide like baseball, so the odds are that at least one guy stayed up and watched the game.

And was glad. Sort of.

Eliza said...

Hiya Kev!
Sports aren't on my radar. Tho since we live next door to one of the biggest sporting areans in Oakland, we tell ourselves we should go to a game. But the idea of sitting among the Rader Nation is offputting to say the least.

See you in 2007! Love, E, I and e