Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rutgers Rules!

R.U. on the road, a 2 pt. dog to Navy, (a service academy!) No respect for the boys from Rutgers. However, matched against Navy's triple option offense, have held the Midshipmen to zip in the first half, and Rutgers is now up 10-0 in the 3rd, and they are driving down the field. Sweet.

But not all is happy, becasue as I type this I am listening to the game on the internet. Because it isn't available on cable, unless you have digital cable and a sports package containing the College Sports TV station... I tried to watch it via streaming video on my laptop, but there was a problem because I do not have internet explorer installed, and I use Mozilla. I'm sure it could have been worked out but it was a hassle, and watching it on the laptop wasn't so complelling to entice me to expend an unusual amount of effort, especially on a sunny yet cold and breezy Sat afternoon. Isn't it pretty sad for Rutgers, the only big time football program in the State, the State Freaking university, ranked in the top 25 for the first time in decades, undefeated and facing a legitimate test against Navy, to not be availabe for me to watch. Certainly a channel like CN8 or MSG could give up a New Hampshire game for R.U.?

UPDATE ___ Rutgers up 17-0 and they just blocked their second straight punt, starting a first goal drive from the 8 yrd line! This should extend the streak and possibly even bump the team up in the standings. Next Week, Pitt, another huge test, and then a home game against a mediocre Conn. team. Could still set up the undefeated test at home on a Thur. night against Louisville!

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Da Old Man said...

Final score was 34-0.

Look for a bowl bid this year, along with a top 20 ranking.