Saturday, July 05, 2008

Jeez, 11 days already?

Well I have lapsed into one of my unplanned hiatuses from the blog, so in an attempt to offer a quick catch up, lets begin. the last post was June 23, and today is not July 5, 12 days later.

I saw Wanted with the wife and we both enjoyed it a great deal. I will write up a Review soon but the short take is this: lots of fun, visually interesting throughout, Angelie looks hot, sexy, and bad-ass! The film deviates dramatically from the Mark Millar written mini-series (which is also great, just an entirely different experience).

The mlb standings of June 23 had the Boston Red Sox at 47-32, sitting alone atop the A.L. East , 1 game up on the Tampa Bay Rays and 4.5 games up onthe N.Y. Yankees (a.k.a. The Evil Empire) - things have changed quite a bit, as a glance at todays standings shows the following;

Tampa Bay has the best record in baseball, and they sit atop the A.L. East 3 games ahead of the Red sox. Meanwhile, the evil empire sits in 4th place(!), 9 games back of the Rays, 6 behind the Red Sox for the Wild Card.

I finished a couple of trade paperbacks, including the terrific Cerebus Vol. 1. Cerebus was one of the premier success stories of the independent comics movement, a 30 yr. run by one man, Dave Sim. A small piece of a niche industry, but incredibly impressive for those of us who've enjoyed comics for decades.

I completed the box set of Season 1 30 Rock with Kate. I also finished watching a great noir parody, The Long Goodbye, by the always interesting director Robert altman.

What I haven't done with any consistency at all is exercise, and my gut is a constant reminder of that. Stupid gut.

That's the super fast, sloppy check in. HOpe to be back in with a much better written piece later. Todays agenda includes some exercise, dinner with friends tonight (the only annoyance is this is at 6, and the Sox and the evil empire play at 4, game 3 of a 4 game series in which the BoSox have already taken the first 2)


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Da Old Man said...

We're up to 14 days now, bitch.