Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Day or Rest

So today was/is Sunday, a day of rest. Unfortunately, the wife is on a business trip this week, so she left this morning. We had breakfast at the diner and then she left at around 11:30. Utilizing great restraint, I went to the grocery store and did the week's shopping. - I watched an episode of South Park, Season 1. Completed a pretty cool Spaghetti Western, A Bullet For The General. Fun flick. Watched the Met's kick some ass and worried about my boy Manny being Manny; now having a contentious sitch with the BoSox, and the Sox are at a critical juncture; the Yanks are on fire, the Rays are winning, and now it's up to Jon Lester to stop the bleeding in a must win type of game again against the evil empire, especially with the Angels coming to town tomorrow.

So how's that for a craptastic post?

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