Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend checki in, 2 Movie Reviews, and today's sexy lady

OK, so it's beena few days, so I figured I would take a few minutes to check in with my peeps.

As mentioned in previous posts, good friend towelie continues to be a regular distraction... but it's ok, he's only following his nature.

Meanwhile, the Boston REd Sox continue chugging along, even after wunderkid closer Jonathen Papelbon blew back to back saves (on Thur. and Friday night). Yesterday he settled back in and the Sox won again.

By the Way, as much as I like Beckett (especially for what he does in the postseason) - but Dice-K is doing great this year. I told lots of people that I felt last year would be his adjustment year and hoped for about 15-20 wins. He made 32 starts last year, finished at 15-12. The plus is that he makes his starts and earns decision. His era was 4.4, not great and he walked 80 guys. He stayed in the same zone in the post-season, going 2 -1 with 4 games started, and a 5.03 era.

He still throws too many pitches, and walks way too many batters, but he continues to improve. He's 6-0 this season. His era sits at 2.45, good for 4th in the league, and his last game was a 7 inning 96 pitch gem, with 2 earned runs, 3 walks, and 7 strike outs.

I also saw 2 great movies. The first was Lady From Shanghai (Is that poster freaking great or what?) - This was screened at the Big Screen Classics series I've written about earlier. The wife wasn't into seeing this particular flick so my buddy Sal and I checked it out instead. This is yet another film written and directed by Orson Welles that the studio butchered with a hackneyed editing job. The cut we saw ran at 87 minutes but I've read that one of Welle's original cuts clocked in at over 2 1/2 hrs. That's at least an hour of cut material, and even though I like the film very much, I can see where at least 30 minutes could have been added to make a more complete picture.

The picture stars today's sexy lady, the incomparable Rita Hayworth, (still believe her sexiest role to be in Gilda, btw) - with her soon to be ex husband playing "Black Irish", a seafaring rogue who plays the patsy to Hayworth's femme fatale. Add in her husband, angry and ugly lawyer Bannister, who likes to keep his thumb on the people around him. 2 others are his private dick who spies on Hayworth, and Grigbsy, an always sweating miserable bastard, fitting enough Bannister's partner.

Tons of twists and turns, with visual treats such as the two schemers Hayworth and Welles conspiring in an aquarium, with exotic fish swimming noiselessly behind them. (All the more powerful due to a monologue Welle's gives earlier in the film about a school of sharks turning on each other, and the famous house of mirrors scene at the end. (One of my 2 most favorite such scenes, with the the scene with Bruce Lee for Enter the Dragon.

The other great flick was Michael Collins, a well written, well acted, well filmed movie about truth, power, the concessions we make, and the price it costs people. Well worth all the hype you've undoubtedly encountered, a must see for fans of adult, intelligent thrillers.

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I'm starting to hate the Red Sox more.