Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hankenstein ANGRY! GGRRR

So big bad Hankenstein is angry with his NY Yankees, (aka The Evil Empire) - here's a few reasons why?

His evil empire is the most well funded in all of baseball, by a large margin. For the 207 million they put out, they have a 20-23 baseball team, good enough for last place in the AL east and 3rd worst in all of the american league. The two teams fighting for the A.L. East lead are 2 of the 3 teams daddy Stein hates most to lose too; the Tampa Rays (Steinbrenner makes his home there) and the Boston REd Sox.

Furthermore, the Red Sox are currently wrapping up what looks to be a 4-2 win against the Brewers, (make that 5-2, Varitek scored as I was typing) . Dice-K Matsusaka looks to move to 7-0, while the reactionary pick made by the Yankees in response to the Sox acquiring Dice K is an absolute disaster. The one and only Special Kei Igawa (my nickname, since I felt bad he didn't have a cool nickname like Dice-K .

Oh, and additionally, the Yankees lost again today, to crosstown rivals the Mets, the other team daddy Stein hates to lose to.

Oh happy day!!


Da Old Man said...

The Igawa deal was plain stupid. You'd think they would have learned their lesson with that Japanese pitcher from a few years ago that was a total bust. His name escapes me because I scrubbed it out of my brain, but he was terrible. Few Japanese League pitchers can make the transition. Between the culture shock,and just that many are arm weary after pitching 150 pitches per game, it's that the arms are older than the age of the man.

A-Rod is coming.

savvy said...

very true, and while I don't blame you for scrubbing that pitcher's name from your mind, I can never forget "that fat toad" Hideki Irabu!!!

Now that is how a Steinbrenner does it. Take note, Hankenstein!

Da Old Man said...

Thanks. It took me months of intense therapy to get that name out of my brain.