Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Screw the Ravens

So the New England Patriots continue on their quest for a perfect football season, and beat the Ravens 27-24 last night. The Patriots beat the Ravens. Simple as that. What I absolutely love is that these professional athletes are whining and crying, bitching and moaning, and the reality is that the Ravens have demonstrated themselves to be an arrogant team of douchebags, led by king of the douchebags with head coach Brian Billick. Now I have to listen to Bart Scott , who lost his mind and cost his team 30 huge penalty yards prior to the last kickoff to the Ravens. Were these 30 yards part of the conspiracy, Bart? Is that why you tossed the flag into the stands. How about the bad timeout called by the def. coordinator for the Ravens? Part of the lack of accountability on this team. Best of all, the Ravens emotional leader is Ray "I got off a murder rap" Lewis only 7 years ago. Ray used his big bucks to hire great lawyers, frighten witnesses, and mysteriously his bloody white suit, along with the knives used to kill 2 innocents, all disappeared! Hmm, that is a conspiracy now.

PS, Samari Rolle, who cried about the ref calling him "boy" - Shut the Fuck Up. Clearly he was implying the racial undertones of this, and he also called out the official as having never played football. Hey, Samari, the ref said "just play ball, boy" a non-racial directive to worry about playing, not whining. The official was an african american, who played NFL football in the 70's and 80's . Wrong again, fool.

Beast out

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