Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Monster Has Arrived!!!!

Despite the efforts of scumbag agent Scott Boras (one of the most despicable sports agents around, along with Drew Rosenhaus), the Red Sox have signed Dasuke Matsuzaka to a 6 year deal. the hopes and dreams of Red Sox Nation now reside on the frame of this 26 year old phenom. In a perfect world, the Rotation for the Red Sox becomes Father Curt at the 1 spot (based on past performance), a resurgent Josh Beckett at 2 (hopefully with a little more variety in his pitches, so he doesn't serve up as many freaking long balls), Dasuke, Soph Phenom Jonathen Papelbon at 4 (if he doesn't have to pitch as the closer again), and old faithful Tim Wakefield at 5. That staff should be enough to keep the Sox battling for the A.L. East all year, despite the bazillion dollar Yankee payroll.

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Woody said...


1) Stop the whining about the Yankee payroll. Any of the top 4 or 5 teams have just as much of a shot as anyone else. For lots of reasons, and you know it. At some point you just start to sound whiny and silly. If you were an A's fan, it would have more crednece than it does as a Sux fan - you have more than enough resources to win.

2) Don't blame Boras for his methods. His job is to get the most money for his clients. And he's the best at it. If a player wasn't interested in money, they can direct Boras how to negotiate (they are the client, after all). If they don't, then they are the problem, not the agent. The fact that anyone hires Boras suggests they are only in it for the money.

3) I hope the Monster turns out to be your version of Irabu. That being said, he's a hell of a player (on paper) to add and it may just be what you need to put you over the top.