Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hypocritical State Legislator (pt. 2)

As Public Employees continue to be hammered in the press and by the "tax reform" minded legislature, today's spotlight is on Nicholas Scutari, another democratic legislator who's asking for public employee givebacks and cuts. However, a quick review of the facts shows: (info availabe via wikipedia, and the financial filing form available via pdf file for Nicholas Scutari

- Over 50 thousand dollars from his law firm
- Over 50 thousand dollars from City of Linden
- nearly 50 thousand for his NJ state legislature position
- over 50 thousand from C.A.U. (a social service agency, by the way, that works hand in hand with many public employees while serving developmentally disabled - the same employees he would like to take a cut, while he is paid more than most of them for this, his fourth job.

So once again, someone receiving at least 2 tax payer funded pensions and 200 thousand annually points the finger of blame at the public employee making, at best, 50 thousand. Do the papers point these facts out - hell no! Wonder why, hmm!?

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