Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Going for 5

I have lots of stuff to mention tonight, but the game is starting (hopefully) soon, so here is a quick hit, and I will try to add more a bit later when I sit down in front of the TV. I wanted to throw this out there now - I have a feeling that we may see some heat in tonights Red Sox game vs. the Evil Empire. The Empire is showing cracks all over, not the least is Joey G. from the bronx barking at first base coach Tim bogar last night in the 4th inning; apparently Joey thinks the Sox are stealing signs! Here's a sign - your 200 million dollar team just isn't good enough! However, with the Yanks dealing with the following right now (this is almost too sweet for those of use who see the Evil Empire for what it is; a bloated, greedy, arrogant bunch of whiny pricks who have outspent everyone for a decade and haven't won shit since 2000.

1. Jorge Posada (aka Dumbo, aka Douchebag) hurt his 37 yr. old hamstring last night and is hitting the DL for 2-3 wks. Listening to Joey G. on the way home he did not sound like a guy who expects Pissada back that soon. I try really hard not to celebrate injuries, but man, I hate this guy; always have, always will. Basically, he's a dick.

2. Joba Chamberlains mom arrested for methamphetamine sale, and here's the kicker: she needed a public defender because she can't afford anything else. Hey, way to take care of family of there, Joba, really classy. I figured Joba would like to take his anger out out and try to kill Youk again, but Youk is out due to a balky back, so perhaps someone else will be the target.

3. A-Hole - really, what is left to say about this guy. hell, even I feel like it's almost too much... but then I remember what a dick he is and say pile on, baby!

4. Whang - still trying to figure out what's wrong, he's probably close to a month away from returning.

5. The worst ERA in the A.L. - with a 200 million dollar payroll. = nice job, CashMoney!

6. 4 Straight losses to the Red Sox, who have been dealing with a variety of their own problems yet still find a way. Oh, and they do it with nearly half the payroll!!

All this leads to a feeling that Joba and Beckett might get in a beanball war, with my pick as the targeted Sox player being Jacoby Ellsbury, for that brilliant straight steal of home on Clueless hgh fan Andy "i'm a christian, and I repented, so all's well" Pettite. F' him.

OK, a bit longer than planned, but there is so much more, including Obama finally showing some stones and telling Corp. America to pay at least a bit of their fair share of taxes, what with the country in dire financial straits. Best yet are the Republicans, and places like the national Chamber of Commerce screaming bloody murder for daring to ask them to put some of their excessive profits back into the country that has allowed them such success. Wow, I though Republicans were uberpatriots, doesn't helping the U.S. by simply pumping money back into the system show patriotism, not to mention long term thinking?

Red Sox Update - no one out, Sox up 4-0, Joba gives up a 3 run homer to Jbay.

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