Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Family Guy Rules!

Family Guy freaking rocks. I made myself stay up far too late, partly prompted by Mr. Greens urging, and find myself sequestered in the attic, sitting on a desk chair, watching the TV. The little cat is howling pointlessly and Peter Griffin is facing a foreclosure on his home.

I love Wednesdays, as any self respecting comic fan can tell you, because it's the new comic day. If you combine comic book day with Friday's new big screen releases (less important to me than ever, but still bears mentioning). Tuesday is new release day for DVD's, a big day for purchasers of DVD's or renters. ( I fondly remember the rough Savannah years, when I was miserable, but a late monday night managing Blockbusters ended with me bringing home the newest releases, and if I were lucky enough to not have to be up early the next morning for one of my two crappy jobs, I would stop at a 7/11 and buy a few cheap 40 oz. budweisers, come home, stay up really late watching flix and passing out on the couch or living room floor (ah, good times!!!) -

Thursdays, not so much.

Beast Out


Katester said...

Family Guy so TOTALLY rules.

Wife Out.

Da Old Man said...

Family Guy rocks. Have you seen the new Stewie and Brian clip?